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Season 5

The Mango
Jerry learns that Elaine faked her orgasms and wants one more shot. George experiences impotence. Kramer gets banned from the fruit store and has Jerry try to buy his fruit for him. George is cured when he eats some mango.

The Puffy Shirt
Kramer is dating a low-talker and Jerry agree to wear the pirate shirts she make on the Today show because he couldn't hear what she was asking him. George moves in with his parents but then is discovered as a hand model.

The Glasses
George thinks his glasses were stolen and he ends up buying women's frames. George tells Jerry he saw his girlfriend kissing his cousin Jeffery. Elaine is bit by a rabid dog. Kramer gets George a discount on his glasses because he got the optometrist off sugar.

The Sniffing Accountant
Jerry thinks his accountant is doing drug. George interviews to be a bra salesman. Elaine breaks up with Jake Jarmel because he didn't use an exclamation point in a message he left.

The Bris
Elaine and Jerry are chosen as godparents and help with the bris. George's car gets damaged by someone committing suicide. Kramer tries to save the pigman he finds in the hospital.

The Lip Reader
Kramer becomes a ball boy for the U.S. Open. Jerry dates a deaf lineswoman and George uses her to read the lips of the woman who just dumped him. Elaine says she is deaf to avoid talking to a chauffeur.

The Non-Fat Yogurt
Jerry and Elaine have non-fat yogurt tested. Jerry swears in front of little boy and then apologizes but swears again. George is caught nudging someone to avoid talking to a childhood friend that is now the mayors assistant. He claims to have arm spasms.

The Barber
Jerry gets a bad haircut and then goes behind his barber's back to try to get it fixed. George gets a job, of course...

The Masseuse
Jerry dates a masseuse who won't give him a massage and hates George. Elaine dates Joel Rifkin and tries to get him to change his name.

The Cigar-Store Indian
Jerry offends a native American friend of Elaine's with his gift. Elaine takes Frank's TV Guide and meets a strange person on the subway. George has to get his parents coffee table fixed and Kramer gets the idea for a coffee table book about coffee tables.

The Conversion
Geroge converts to Latvian Orthodox for his girlfriend but then she moves away. Jerry thinks his girlfriend has fungus. Kramer has the Kavorka.

The Stall
Jerry's girlfriend can't spare a square of toilet paper to Elaine. Elaine is dating a mimbo and George falls in love with him. Kramer uses Jerry's phone to call for phone sex and it turns out to be Jerry's girlfriend.

The Dinner Party
The whole gang is heading to a dinner party and they need something to bring. Jerry and Elaine have trouble getting a Chocolate Bobka. George has a new gortex coat that causes him to break some bottles of wine.

The Marine Biologist
A definite top ten! A woman Jerry and George know from college asks about George so Jerry tells her that he is a marine biologist. A Russian writer throws Elaine's electronic organizer out the car window and hits a woman in the head. Golden Boy is Jerry's favorite shirt but it doesn't make it through the wash. Kramer hits golf balls at the beach.

The Pie
Jerry's date won't taste his apple pie. Then Jerry won't taste the pizza her father made because he didn't wash his hands. Elaine resembles a mannequin at a store where George is trying to get a suit half price.

The Stand-In
Kramer's midget friend Mickey gets caught using lifts to kept his job as a stand in. George is accused of not committing. Elaine dates a friend of Jerry's who took IT out.

The Wife
Jerry pretends to be married to share a discount he receives at the dry cleaners. George gets spotted peeing in the shower by a guy who gives Elaine mixed signals. Kramer doesn't look good because his quilt is still at the cleaners so he goes to a tanning be before he meets his girlfriends parents.

The Raincoats
George is asked to be a big brother. Elaine is dating a close talker that is obsessed with helping Jerry's parents. Kramer and Morty try to sell raincoats to the used clothing store. Jerry makes out during Schindler's List.

The Fire
George acts like a coward in front of his girlfriend. Jerry is heckled by a woman Elaine works with so he goes to her office and heckles her. She gets upset and runs in front of a street sweeper the severs her pinkie toe. Kramer drives the bus to save the toe.

The Hamptons
George's girlfriend is seen topless by everyone but him. George is seen naked after being in the pool and tries to explain about shrinkage. Kramer gets caught stealing lobsters. Elaine is interested in a doctor that refers to everything as "breath taking".

The Opposite
A definite top ten. George tries to do the opposite of his instincts. Elaine loses everything because of Jujyfruits. Jerry is even-Steven. Kramer gets his coffee table book published.