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"The Hamptons"

Episode : #81 Season 5
Original Air Date : 12th May 1994

I was in the pool !!Jerry, George, Kramer and Elaine go down to the Hamptons to see the baby. Jerry and Elaine don't have the heart to tell the parents how ugly the baby is. Elaine is interested in a doctor who calls her "breathtaking", but isn't sure when she hears him call the baby "breattaking". Georges girlfriend is seen topless by everyone except George. George then tries to walk in on Jerry's girlfriend changing to make up for it, but doesn't succeed. Instead, Jerry's girlfriend walks in on him changing after he had been in the pool and there had been "significant shrinkage". Kramer brings lobsters back to eat which he "found" on the end of a rope in a cage. George tries to explain about the shrinkage. Kramer is caught for stealing the lobsters.

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