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"The Stall"

Episode : #73 Season 5
Original Air Date : 6th January 1994

Not a Square to Spare!Elaine finds herself without toilet paper at the pictures and the woman in the stall next to her (Jerry's girlfriend) refuses to give her any of her own toilet paper. Elaine remembers the voice, so when they are both in Jerry's apartment together he give's her lots of gum to cover up her voice.
Elaine is dating a "Mimbo", who George thinks is so cool, he wants to spend his time with him.
Kramer uses Jerry's phone to call for phone sex (what about the driver?). Jerry's girlfriend is the one on the other end of the line. George becomes jealous when Kramer comes rockclimbing with him and "The Mimbo". George takes sandwiches with him but forgets to hold a rope while trying to get them. He tries to explain to Elaine that there was an accident. Elaine is mortified that there could be something wrong with his face after the accident.
Elaine runs into Jerry's girlfriend at the coffee shop and Elaine takes all the toilet paper and refuses to give her any. She and Jerry break up, she tells him not to call her, then says to Kramer, "you neither".

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