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Season 8

The Foundation
Susan's parents start a foundation in her honor with George on the board. Jerry studies the perfect breakup story. Kramer learns karate against some unworthy opponents. Elaine gets appointed president of J. Peterman.

The Soul Mate
Kramer likes Jerry's girlfriend and goes to Newman for advice. George thinks the foundation suspects him of killing Susan. Elaine doesn't want to have a baby.

The Bizarro Jerry
Elaine's new friends are the opposite of the old ones. Jerry dates a girl with big hands. George enters the forbidden city using his breakup story. Kramer starts a job, sort of...

The Little Kicks
Elaine's co-workers lose respect for her after she dances at a company party. George is the "bad boy" in order to attract a woman. Jerry is forced to bootleg movies by a friend of Kramer.

The Package
Kramer tries to get Jerry a refund for his broken stereo by mailing it with insurance. Elaine's medical record says she is difficult. George seduces photo shop girl at Kramer's suggestion.

The Fatigues
Elaine promotes the mail room psycho instead of firing him. Jerry's girlfriend has a mentor who dates Bania (The Soup). Kramer needs Frank to help him cook for Jewish singles night. George tries books-on-tape to learn risk management.

The Checks
Elaine's boyfriend is moved by a song. Jerry gets lots of small royalty checks. George can't get recruited by a cult. Kramer helps out Japanese tourists.

The Chicken Roaster
My favourite episode of all time. Elaine mis-uses the Peterman expense account. George leaves things behind in order to get another date. Jerry's college buddy gets fired and starts working at chicken roaster across the street. Kramer switches apartments with Jerry until he gets hooked on chicken.

The Abstinence
George has to stop having sex and he suddenly becomes smart. Elaine is dating someone who is almost a doctor. Jerry gets bumped from career day at his Jr. High and it affects his career. Kramer opens a smokers lounge at start to age.

The Andrea Doria
George tells his life story in order to get an apartment in place of an Andrea Doria survivor. Elaine dates a guy who is bad at breaking up. Jerry delivers mail to help get rid of Newman. Kramer goes to a vet to get rid of cough.

The Little Jerry
Jerry bounces a check at the market and everyone finds out. Kramer gets a rooster for fresh eggs and names him Jerry Seinfeld. Elaine dates a man who shaves his head. George dates a prisoner.

The Money
Jerry has to re-buy the cadillac for his parents. George finds out his parents are loaded. Kramer needs to get some sleep after sex. Elaine hires Morty to work at J. Peterman.

The Comeback
George gets zinged at a meeting and wants to use his comeback. Elaine "connects" with video store employee. Kramer wants a living will. Jerry gets taken by tennis shop pro.

The Van Buren Boys
George interviews people for the foundation scholarship. Mr. Peterman buys Kramer's stories for his autobiography. Jerry dates someone who is socially challenged.

The Susie
Elaine has an alter ego at work that is causing problems. George gets dumped through Kramer. Kramer bets with Jerry's money and then thinks Jerry roughed up the bookie (Mike from The Parking Space).

The Pothole
George goes to extreme measures to recover his lost key chain. Elaine goes to extreme measures to get Chinese food delivered. Jerry goes to extreme measures to avoid germs with his new girlfriend. Kramer adopts a mile of highway but gets too involved.

The English Patient
Elaine seems like she's the only one that doesn't like the English Patient.

The Nap
George has some adjustments made to his desk. Jerry gets his kitchen re-done but it's a little too much. Kramer takes to swimming in the river because it's less crowded. Elaine meets someone who is concerned about her back.

The Yada Yada
George's new girlfriend skips the details in her stories. Jerry gets offended when Dr. Wattly converts to Judaism. Elaine tries to help her friends adopt. Kramer and Mickey can't decide who gets which girl on a double date.

The Millennium
Kramer's millennium party clashes with Newman's. Elaine tries to hurt a store's business. George tries to get fired. Jerry is obsessed with his position on his girlfriend's speed dial.

The Muffin Tops
Elaine goes into business selling just the tops of muffins. George pretends he is a tourist to get a girl. Jerry takes shaving a bit too far. Kramer gives tours of the "real" Peterman's life.

The Summer of George
George prepares for a great summer. Elaine gets catty with a co-worker. Kramer accidentally gets a Tony award and then has to earn it. Jerry and George team up in a relationship. (Dr. at end is The ASSMAN)