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"The Yada Yada"

Episode : #145 Season 8
Original Air Date : 24th April 1997

George's new girlfriend always skips big details in her stories, like having sex with her ex-boyfriend. Mickey and Kramer wear the same shirt and pick up two girls, but can't decide which girl they want. Jerry's Dentist, Tim Whatley converts to Judaism, after being catholic. Jerry is concerned that he converted purely for the jewish jokes. Word gets around about Jerry's concern and he is dubbed an anti-dentite. Beth and Arnie list Elaine as a reference for them when they try to adopt a baby, but Elaine accidentally tells the adoption agency something that stops Beth and Arnie from getting their baby, so she promises to get them the baby the "fun way" with the adoption agency, but Beth and Arnie break up and Jerry gets together with Beth, but breaks up with her when he discovers she hates Jews. Kramer decides which girl he wants when he discovers that the other girls parents are little people, like Mickey. But when Mickey marries the girl, Kramer finds out she actually wanted him.

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