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Season 4

The Trip (Part 1)
Jerry is performing on the Tonight Show so he takes George to California with so they can look for Kramer. George thinks he is real popular when he talks to George Wendt and Corbin Bernsen back stage. Kramer is trying to make it as an actor but ends up the key suspect in a murder. George and Jerry try to help Kramer get out of jail and he finally gets released when another murder is committed while he is behind bars. Jerry and George can't talk Kramer into coming back but a couple days later he shows up in New York.

The Pitch / The Ticket
George and Jerry pitch their show about nothing to NBC. George starts dating Susan but then Kramer throws up on her. Kramer trades Newman a radar detector for a motorcycle helmet. The helmet saves his life when he is kicked in the head by Crazy Joe Divola. Newman gets a speeding ticket and makes Kramer his alibi.

The Wallet (Part 1)
Morty thinks someone stole his wallet at the doctor's office. Kramer acts as Elaine's boyfriend in order to dump her boyfriend/shrink.

The Watch (Part 2)
George tries to bargain with NBC. Jerry tries to get his watch back from Uncle Leo.

The Bubble Boy
Jerry agrees to visit a boy in a bubble on his way upstate with Elaine, George, and Susan. George loses Jerry and ends up getting in a fight with the bubble boy. Kramer burns down Susan's father's cabin. Jerry and George describe the pies.

The Cheever Letters
Susan's dad is found to be gay when letters are discovered at the burned cabin. Kramer tries to get more cigars from the Cuban Embassy. Jerry hates talking to Elaine's secretary but ends up talking dirty with her.

The Opera
Elaine is dating Crazy Joe Divola but doesn't find out until she and Jerry are at the opera. Crazy Joe puts the kibosh on Jerry and then dresses up as the sad clown.

The Virgin
Elaine upsets Jerry's virgin girlfriend and then causes Ping to wreck. George gets Susan fired when he kisses her before a meeting.

The Contest
Jerry, George, Kramer, and Elaine has a contest to see who can hold out the longest. Elaine meets John F. Kennedy, Jr. Jerry loses the virgin when he tells her about the contest and she ends up with JFK. Kramer ends up with the naked neighbor.

The Airport
Jerry flies first class while Elaine flies coach. George and Kramer wait for them at the airport. George upsets a notorious criminal and gets stuck on a flight when trying to scam free tickets. Jerry meets a Calvin Klein model.

The Pick
Jerry is accused of picking his nose by the Calvin Klein model. Elaine sends out Christmas cards showing her nipple. Calvin Klein comes out with a new cologne call "The Ocean" stealing Kramer's idea but then Kramer does an underwear ad for them.

The Movie
Jerry tries to juggle a couple of performances and going to the movies. Elaine, Kramer, and George wait at the theater.

The Visa
George is dates the lawyer who is handling Ping's case against Elaine. Jerry tries not to be funny so that George will have a better shot with the lawyer but she ends up being attracted to Jerry because he is dark and mysterious. Baboo is deported when his visa renewal is placed in Jerry's mailbox and Elaine doesn't give Jerry his mail for a long while. Kramer punches Micky Mantle at fantasy camp.

The Shoes
Kramer snubs an old girlfriend of Jerry's and then ends up kissing her. George is caught looking at cleavage. Elaine gives up her shoes to help Jerry get the pilot back and then shows her "ketchup secret" to the president of NBC.

The Outing
George and Jerry are thought to be gay, not that there is anything wrong with that!

The Old Man
George, Jerry, and Elaine volunteer to help senior citizens. Kramer and Newman try to make money selling used records.

The Implant
Elaine tells Jerry that the woman he is dating has implants so he dumps her. When she finds out that they are real Jerry gets back with her but then gets dumped. George goes to a funeral with his girlfriend and tries to get a half priced fare. George double dips!

The Junior Mint
Jerry doesn't know the name of the woman he is dating except that it rhymes with a female body part. Elaine goes to see an old boyfriend who is about to have surgery. Kramer and Jerry go to witness the surgery and end up drooping a Jr. Mint inside of him that miraculously save him. George buys some of his art because he thinks he is going to die.

The Smelly Car
A valet leaves a terrible BO in Jerry's car. George finds out that Susan has become a lesbian and then Kramer steals her girlfriend.

The Handicap Spot
There are two versions of this one!!! Kramer advises George to park in a handicap spot while buying an engagement present for "The Drake". A disabled woman has an accident and an angry mob destroys George's father's car. Kramer falls in love with the disabled woman. George becomes his dad's butler.

The Pilot
Auditions are held for the pilot of Jerry's sitcom. Kramer gets constipated. George thinks he has cancer because of a slight discoloration on his lip. Elaine accuses the owner of Monk's of only hiring large breasted women. "Jerry" is premiered and then canceled when Russell joins Green Peace.