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  Other Stuff

Pictures, sounds, movies and scripts. Big deal, been there, done that I hear you say. What about other Seinfeld stuff? Here it is, anything that I could find relating slightly to Seinfeld, I've included in this special section.

Seinfeld Desktop themeThe Farewell Seinfeld Desktop theme
Say Farewell to your favourite show and liven up your desktop at the same time! Features Icons, Sounds, Cursurs and a Jazzy Farewell Seinfeld Wallpaper.

The New Seinfeld Screensaver
The perfect compliment to the Farewell Seinfeld Desktop Theme. Available for Windows 3.1, Windows 95 and Macintosh

An Interview with Larry David
Here's the Larry David interview from April's edition of Laugh Factory magazine.

The Totally Seinfilled Official Desktop Wallpaper

Already got the other Seinfeld Wallpapers? Looking for something different...... I've created an exclusive Totally Seinfilled Wallpaper... Download it now!