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Season 9

The Butter Shave
Jerry is upset that Bania (The Soup) is riding his coattails so he takes a dive. Kramer starts using butter instead of shave cream and ends up sauteed. George's new boss thinks he is handicapped so he takes full advantage. Elaine has a bad trip to Europe with David Puddy.

The Voice
Jerry has to decide between his new girlfriend or doing a funny voice (Hellloooooooo!!!). He chooses the voice but then changes his mind when the gang is tired of doing it. George's boss tries to get him to quit but he is no match for George. Elaine back slides and end up with Puddy again and again and again... Kramer gets an intern for "Kramerica" to help him run his daily business.

The Serenity Now
Jerry's girlfriend tries to get him to let out his anger but once he lets one emotion out they all come out. George starts working for his father selling computers out of the garage but has to compete with Lloyd Braun. (The Gum) Kramer gets a screen door and turns his apartment into Anytown, USA but he runs into trouble with the neighborhood kids. Jewish men are attracted to Elaine because she has "Shiksappeal". Frank learns to calm down by saying "serenity now".

The Blood
Kramer is saving his own blood; Elaine wants to babysit for her friend's kid; Jerry gets wounded and gets Kramer blood ("You got 3 pints of Kramer in ya buddy!")

The Junk Mail
Kramer tries to avoid junk mail; Jerry gets a van; George's parents are sick of him.

The Merv Griffin Show
George fights with pigeons; Jerry dates woman with big toy collection; Kramer finds the old set of the Merv Griffin Show. and becomes his own talk show host. He also has Jerry, George, and Elaine as "guests".

The Slicer
Kramer gets a meat slicer; Jerry goes on a revenge date; George gets another job, and recognizes the boss.

The Betrayal
The backwards episode; Elaine takes Jerry and George to wedding in India; Jerry sets up George, then sleeps with the girl.

The Apology
Jerry's girlfriend walks around his apartment naked; George is anxious to receive an apology from a recovering alcoholic. Elaine is offended when her co-worker can't tolerate Elaine's germs, but easily tolerates the germs of other people. Kramer discovers he's been taking too long in the shower, so he tries to make some changes to his shower routine.

The Strike
Elaine gives the "denim vest guy" her fake number; Kramer returns to his original job at a bagel place; George is upset by Tim Whatley's gift given to him, a charity donation given in George's name; Jerry's girlfriend only looks good in certain lights.

The Dealership
George sets up a "candy bar lineup" to see who stole his candy bar in the Saab dealership; Jerry tries to get a discounted Saab from Putty; Elaine and Putty are about to break up, but Jerry needs them to stay together for him to get the discount.

The Reverse Peephole
Putty gets a "man fur" coat that Elaine hates and tries to get rid of; Kramer and Newman reverse the peepholes on their doors, and the landlord tries to evict Newman; Jerry gets sick of his wallet and converts to a "carry-all".

The Cartoon

The Strong Box

The Wizard

The Burning

The Bookstore

The Frogger

The Maid

The Puerto Rican Day

The Clip Show

The Finale