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Season 7

The Engagement
George and Jerry agree to change their lives so George get engaged to Susan. Elaine wants to get rid of a barking dog so she gets Kramer and Newman to help.

The Postponement
Geroge gets Susan to postpone the wedding date. Elaine is jealous of George and confides in a rabbi who lives in her building. He then proceeds to tell everyone. Kramer sneaks Cafe Late into the theater and spills it all over himself.

The Maestro
Kramer sues the coffee shop because the Cafe Late was too hot. Elaine dates a man who insists on being called the Maestro. George thinks a security guard should be allowed to sit down. Jerry rents a house in Tuscany.

The Wink
George gets squirted in the eye by a grapefruit and can't stop winking at all the inappropriate times. Jerry tries not to eat meat while dating Elaine's cousin. Elaine's wake up service goes bad when she starts dating the caller.

The Hot Tub
Jerry tries to help Elaine's friend make it to the marathon on time. Kramer gets a hot tub. George acts annoyed so that he looks busy at work. He then meets with some bastards from Texas.

The Soup Nazi
Everyone wants soup from a guy with very strict ordering procedures. George and Elaine are bothered by how affectionate Jerry is with his new girlfriend. Elaine buys an armoire, gets it stolen, and then gets one that belonged to the Soup Nazi that contains all his recipes.

The Secret Code
George won't tell anyone his ATM code. Jerry's foot keeps falling asleep and it gets him in trouble with a handicapped store owner. Kramer tries to help the fire department. Elaine is interested in a boring guy just because he forgets her.

The Pool Guy
Jerry gets rid of annoying pool attendant who wants to be his friend. Elaine and Susan go out and George's worlds are colliding. Kramer becomes the movie guide.

The Sponge
Elaine has to be picky about her partners when her birth control is in short supply. George has to tell Susan everything. Kramer walks for AIDS but refuses to wear the red ribbon.

The Gum
Kramer opens an old movie theater and befriends a childhood friend of George's (see The Non-Fat Yogurt) that had a nervous breakdown. Kramer forces Jerry to help by wearing glasses and buying gum. Elaine tries not to lead the guy on because she feels partly responsible for the breakdown. Another old friend of George's thinks he's is mentally ill.

The Rye
Geroge tries to replace a rye bread that his father took back from Susan's parents after their dinner. Elaine is dating a musician and word gets back to him that she thinks they are Hot-n-Heavy.

The Caddy
George leaves his car at Yankee stadium and his boss thinks he is putting in long hours. Kramer trusts his caddy's every decision. Elaine meets an old friend who never wears a bra so she gets her one for her birthday. The friend then starts wearing just a bra and causes Kramer to wreck.

The Seven
George tells Susan he wants to name his kid Seven. Jerry dates a girl who always wears the same dress. Elaine buys a little girls bike but then has to give it to Kramer because he fixes her neck. Kramer runs a tab for the stuff he takes from Jerry.

The Cadillac
Everyone is surprised at how much money Jerry makes. Jerry buys his father a Cadillac and then Morty gets impeached because they think he has been stealing. George gets fixed up with Morissa Tomei. Kramer keeps the cable man waiting.

The Shower Head
Jerry's parents won't go back to Florida because George convinced his parents to move there. Elaine tests positive for Opium several times because she is eating poppy seeds. Low-Flow shower heads are installed in the building and Jerry and Kramer don't like it.

The Doll
Susan has a doll that resembles George's mother. Jerry carries a package home for a friend of Susan's and he breaks his BBQ sauce that he was using for a bit. Frank turns George's room into a pool hall and the Maestro and Kramer play in their underwear. Elaine tries to get an autograph of the third tenor.

The Friar's Club
Geroge fixes Jerry up with Susan's best friend but he has to borrow a jacket at the Friar's Club. Jerry forgets to return the jacket and he thinks the Gypsies stole it. Kramer tries to sleep 20 minutes at a time. Elaine thinks a co-worker is pretending to be deaf to get out of work.

The Wig Master
Jerry is annoyed because people keep hitting on the person he is with. Elaine and a salesman are working each other. George and Kramer park their cars in a cheap lot and the cars are used by hookers.

The Calzone
Jerry is dating a woman that gets anything she wants. Mr. Steinbrener gets hooked on calzones when he tries George's and he now doesn't make a move without George. George doesn't get credit for his tip at the calzones shop. Elaine is going out with someone who uses a dating loophole. Kramer will only wear warm clothes.

The Bottle Deposit
George gets an assignment but doesn't know what it is or how it gets done for him. Jerry's mechanic steals his car because he is not taking care of it. J. Peterman buys JFK's golf clubs but Elaine leaves them in the back of Jerry's car. Kramer and Newman use a mail truck to take bottles to Michigan but end up chasing the Mechanic.

The Wait Out
Jerry and Elaine have been waiting for a marriage to break up so that they can move in. George helps by making a folksy remark. Kramer gets new jeans that he can't get out of. Elaine's driving makes Jerry sick.

The Invitations
George tries to figure out ways to get out of getting married. Kramer calls Susan "Lilly" and now he and Elaine are nothing in the wedding. Jerry gets engaged to someone just like him. Susan dies from licking the wedding invitations.