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Season 2

The Ex-Girlfriend
Jerry dates George's ex-girlfriend, who then dumps him because she doesn't think his stand-up act is funny.

The Pony Remark
Jerry offends an elderly relative with a remark about how immigrants shouldn't have ponies. She dies and Jerry feels she haunted him during the softball championship.

The Jacket
Jerry finds a great suede jacket that has a pink and white striped liner. The jacket gets ruined when he wears it to meet Elaine's father and it snows.

The Phone Message
Jerry dates woman who likes Docker's commercials; George leaves bad messages on woman's machine.

The Apartment
Elaine almost moves into the apartment above Jerry. George wears a wedding ring to attract women. Jerry and George argue over who is a bigger loser. "You're all winners!"

The Statue
Jerry has a man clean his apartment, and the man may have stolen a statue; Kramer retrieves the statue from the man. Kramer thinks he's this tough detective.

The Revenge
George quits his job and then slips his boss a Mickey. Jerry and Kramer put cement in a washing machine when they think the laundry guy took money that Jerry left in his bag.

The Heart Attack
George sees "Coronary Country" and imagines he has a heart attack. Kramer takes George to holistic healer after he has an this imagined heart attack. George ends up with a purple face.

The Deal
Jerry and Elaine try to have "This and That" (they try to be friends and lovers) so they establish a set of rules. (no calls the day after, etc.) Jerry doesn't know what to get Elaine for her birthday so he gives her cash.

The Baby Shower
Elaine holds a baby shower in Jerry's apartment while he is getting an illegal cable hookup. George plans to confront a woman who embarrassed him on their only date but Jerry ends up being confronted by a woman who he said he'd call but never did.

The Chinese Restaurant
This episode is entirely about George, Jerry and Elaine's wait for a table at a Chinese Restaurant.

The Busboy
Geroge accidentally gets a busboy fired but ends up saving his life. This busboy also loses his cat. Elaine can't get rid of an unwanted house guest.