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Season 1

The Stakeout
Jerry goes to a birthday party for Elaine and ends up flirting with one of Elaine's friends who is a lawyer. They really liked each other. Jerry and George then check out where this lawyer works in order to meet her. This is also where they come up with the name "Art Vandelay". Jerry has a different father from the rest of normal episodes.

The Robbery
Elaine house-sits for Jerry and the apartment gets robbed when Kramer leaves the door open. George finds a great apartment for Jerry but George also really wants the apartment and then gets jealous so neither of them take it.

Male Unbonding
Jerry tries to "break up" with a guy he has known since he was a kid but he ends up making the guy cry (all he did was play ping-pong at his house!). Kramer wants to start a pizza place "where you make your own pie".

The Stock Tip
George convinces Jerry to invest in the stock market. Kramer enjoys that Jerry is losing money. Jerry takes his girlfriend to Vermont for the weekend and has a bad time because all they do is just sit around and do nothing. Elaine is allergic to her boyfriend's cats so he dumps her.