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Jerry's WelcomeJerry's Welcome
Jerry welcomes you to the official Sony.com site.
George's WelcomeGeorge's Welcome
George welcomes you to the official Sony.com site.
Elaine's WelcomeElaine's Welcome
Elaine welcomes you to the official Sony.com site
Mercedes CommercialMercedes Commercial
Mercedes commercial starring Michael Richards (Kramer)
"The Face Painter""The Face Painter"
Kramer tells Jerry about a monkey who threw a banana peel at him.
"The Apology""The Apology"
Jerry explains to George how there is 'Good Naked' and 'Bad Naked'
Newspaper InkNewspaper Ink
Jerry complains about ink on his hands after reading the newspaper
Condom WrappersCondom Wrappers
George and Jerry talk about condom wrappers.
"The Junior Mints""The Junior Mints"
Jerry and Kramer drop a Junior Mint into an operating theatre.
Advert for "The Finale""The Finale"
An advert from NBC for the Seinfeld Finale.
Jerry's ApartmentJerry's Apartment
Explore the set of Jerry's Apartment in Virtual Reality
Monk's RestaurantMonk's Restaurant
Explore the set of Monk's Restaurant in Virtual Reality