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A Tribute to George Costanza
This is a fantastic looking site full of pictures, sounds and links dedicated to George Costanza. If you like George, I strongly urge you to visit this site.

Ben's Seinfeld Page
A site with Seinfeld Sounds, Pictures and an episode guide. Plenty of content but not visually enticing.

Buckwood's Seinfeld Page
Not yet reviewed

Chris' Seinfeld Page
A well presented site but lacking material. Some pictures and a couple of links to other sites.

Daniel's Seinfeld Page
A well layed out and presented web page that doesn't take long to open pages. Pictures and sounds of each character plus links to several sites makes this site's content very good.

EntertainNET Seinfeld
Plenty of material to keep a Seinfeld fan busy. Pictures, Sounds, Movies Links and More....Presentation could have been given more thought.

Ian's Seinfeld Homepage
Not yet reviewed

Juan Parra's Seinfeld Page
I had a quick look at this site, but found it very hard to find my way around...Pictures, episode information and links are promising.

Kev's Corners! Seinfeld
A very promising site. Well Presented and with plenty of material. It is definately worth a look see.

Matan's Homepage
Looks good, but I'm not convinced that the material is there.

Matt Newman's Seinfeld Page
Well set out and presented web page with a pretty funky seinfeld tune in the background... Pictures and Sounds for all the characters plus some movies and links... Check it out.

Rare Seinfeld WAV's
If you're lookin for good quality Seinfeld WAV files then this is the place to look. Script for each file is displayed so you can read before you listen. Realaadio files can be found aswell.

Seinfeld.com - The Official Site
Well it's official!! There's nothing not here, games, pictures, information, sounds, downloads, even a seinfeld card post-it service.... Have a look at this NBC site

S-Man's Seinfeld Explosion
An excellent web site. Plenty of great stuff to keep you entertained in a neat looking site. I recommend you check this out.

The Assman's Lair
Another Quality site. Pictures, sounds, video, links, more... Have a look.......

The George Costanza Homepage
I had a look at this site and could find absolutly no information at all on a dull web page, in contrast to the one I reviewed earlier, I am definately swing towards A Tribute to George Costanza

The Seinfeldiest Site on the Web
Not yet reviewed

The Soup Nazi's Headquarters
One site about one episode.... What more can I say? One episode doesn't provide a lot of content.....Which is going against this site.

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